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Rumah Singgah

Yesterday after sent K.BAyani and K.Am back for good, I accompanied Toy to this Rumah Singgah or better known as Pusat Kegiatan Belajar Masyarakat. We actually planned to do some charity work there. We had information about this house from Mbak LAni our Naqibah from PKS. Actually Rumah SInggah is for the derelicts. The objective might be quite similar with our Rumah Pengasih or something but since our country which I have to say have few derelicts so the charity house in our country is more to trouble maker teenagers or drug addicts rehabilitation centre. So this Rumah Singgah thingy is quite new to me as I haven’t heard that people could do such charity house.

Actually the pioneer or the one who built this Rumah Singgah who his-name-I -forgot have been doing this charity work for quite a few years. He said that at first he only opened a center for woman at his nearest house for some informal education since some of them only finished high school and that’s the highest education level amongst them. And then he also taught some derelicts near my university some informal education also but since the house that used to give shelter to them can no longer be rented, only then he made this Rumah Singgah. There are about 15 derelicts that live in that house. And most of them are at their twenties. The Bapak said that not all of them came from a poor family or have no parents. But some of them came from quite a wealthy family but then abondon their own family and house to seek some freedom due to their strict and stern parents.

We also find out that there were several universities in surrounding that have been doing the charity work for years like Universitas Islam Indonesia, BEM UGM, and a few more. But what catch my ears is that knowing that the Christian society also do the same. They taught the children to sing the Church song and also they rented a house nearby to get near the derelicts. As for your information all the derelicts are Moslem. So get my point. Where do we stand when see other religion trying to ‘brain washing’  the kids and youngsters.  I really hope the children and youngsters didn’t buy a word from them.

All in all, I can say that Rumah Singgah is a good kick start for the derelicts to open a new chapter in life. We as Courteous Malaysian should also do the same, dont we. Ok i think enough of information by now. Selamat Maal Hijrah semua.


Cerita di Airport

Kelmarin, saya dan Toy menghantar kak Bayani dan balik for good. Sedih sungguh. Yang menghantar cuma Izyan, K.Irda, Saya dan Toy dan tak ketinggalan Abg Ali yang menjemput isterinya.Ngehehe..Sempat berjumpa kejap sahaja dan amibl2 gambar. MAaf saya tak bawa kamera. Izyan je yang bawa kamera. Setelah bersalaman dan bermaaf-maafan, kami tunggu sekejap sebab K.Am dan K.bayani masuk sedikit awal untuk check-in baggage dan uruskan bebas fiskal. Sementara menunggu tu, bermacam2 gelagat orang yang kami jumpa.

orang1: dia mcm sedikit gem-gem, kemudian pakai baju yang tertulis “Sumpah, aku pernah KURUS”..hahaha..tergelak2 kami baca t-shirtnya tu. Sungguh kelakar ok.

orang 2: Dia sedang borak2 dengan seorang mat saleh ni atau kat sini panggil bule. Yang membuatkan saya tergelak sbb cara dia cakap n suara die persis Dikky di kelas kami.hahaha..sangat lucu..

orang 3: muka dia macam Pak Lah especially bila dia cebik2 bibir dia. Spek pun lebih kurang sama.ahaha..tapi yang ni versi tembam sket.

Ok lah. Semalam sbnarnye saya tak banyak buat apa2.uhuhu. Study block 15 kemudian baca Where Rainbows End.,Dah nak habis dah..yippie..lama betol baca..

Holiday againnn…

Yup it has been holiday again. And this time our holiday will last for 11 days which mean till 4th January..yahooo..Well, actually I’ve started to feel i lil bit bored during this holiday since i really don’t know quite exactly what to do. Ok I might  have to prepare for the remedial examination in another 3 weeks time, but other than that I really don’t know what to do. So I might plan something fun and cool to do during this holiday. Wait for my Master plan ya..hehehe..ok and as for what i’ve done goes the list:

1)watched Gadis Melayu..hahaha. double checked

2)cleaned up the room and toilet.checked

3)do laundry.checked

4)edit my thesis.checked

5)read my super long on-hold Cecelia Ahern book “Where Rainbows Emd”..ermm.still in the process.

Waah..Yesterday was quite ok i guess as I’ve done what I am suppose to do. So as for today. I’ll be going to Malioboro to buy train tickets to Jakarta. IAllah i’ll be leaving on 31 st December. But I suppose my uncle want to come. But I am so not sure when. Ok ya. Enjoy your holidays peeps. Don’t forget our Islamic New Year is on 29th December.=)

p/s: Yesterday I dreamt of me go on a rant and i felt so relief after that. Is there any possibility that I’m holding the grudge at the moment..ermm, well it might be NO as I don’t have any idea if there’s any. Oh well.=). Peace people.

Macam ni lah..Saya tgh tiada mood berblog..jadi x yah la dtg jenguk blog ni lagi..buat penat click je..nnt kalo saya ade mood ceria terlampau nnt saya update..=)


Exam has ended..weee..And today i’d like to go to Bringharjo to buy some stuff or more exact buying for my  sister telekung n baju to be given to her bakal emak mertua-yg-sgt-baik-syg-die-giler and to her boyfriend..ok how lame my day could be.But heck there goes my weekend and i’m doing it unconditionally..for real. For this past few days i am so stuck with this song ‘Crush’ by David Archuletta..Arghh..He is uber cute.=) Ok, let me be the other me, and not the Skema Doyot.I enjoy this song from the first time i listened to it..Somehow it reminds me a lot of my crush..but hey i am so over it..already opened a new chapter of my life here.

p/s: OSCE 7 is on 24 th December..The next day i’m off to Jakarta..Pray for me ya..

I am GapTek no more

Caution: For IT addicts only

Early this morning, I made something that make me proud throughout the day..What is it?. Well, as for my previous entry ,I did tell you guys about the ‘sengalness’ of my computer. Well basically, at first I was having difficulties of reformating the laptop, so I sent the laptop or to be precised my Mini Note Book HP2133 to Toko Cahya to get it fixed. Actually I can install or reformat the laptop by myself but due to system error that seriously can’t be fixed by me, hence i did send the latop to the Toko Cahya. I gave the technician a copy of Windows XP SP3 Black Edition to be installed. So the technician did it as I requested. Well I did give my drivers software saved in my USB, but the psycho puff jerk virus vanish it( i don;t know what’s the perfect word for ‘telan’) the software that made the drivers can’t be installed. So I said to Mas, it’s ok as I can install the drivers myself. Well unfortunately , really unfortunately me, the drivers for Audio HDD is not compatible for Win XP SP3. Dowhh..what the .

So i googled up the solution myself. At first I found out that I need to install kb888111.exe to the computer due to there might be no Audio UAA software being installed if you use SP3 edition, hence I downloaded the driver, but turned out to be that kb888111.exe only valid for SP1 and SP2 edition.  So I searched is there any Audio Driver for SP3. But I found out how to turn your computer from SP3 to SP2 instead. Here’s the solution. I found this form this website

1st solution

1) Open Regedit and go to :

2) Double-click CDSVersion and change it to 200, then restart your system.

100 (hex) means its sp1
200 (hex) means its sp2
300 (hex) means its sp3

3) Install kb888111xp2.exe (Microsoft UAA Patch which should be available from your Audio driver folder)
4) Install audio driver
5) Change CSDVersion back to 300 (remember this or else you system will think it’s still SP2 and many SP2 updates may reemerge in your Windows Update, that’s my logical guess anyway )
6) Restart your system

Well, I did try the above solution, heck it turned out to be that my SoundMax software driver said the Audio Driver cant be found. Grr. Then I googled up again what could went wrong. Then only I found this solution, that is the final step after the above method.

2nd solution

I finally found a solution, found the following on another board ( and it solved my problem.

I’ve looked elswhere, read some more things and solved it! It was the “Enumerator” issue. To make sure you’ve been following the right procedure checkthis:
1. Chek if PnP SW Enumerator is installed on your machine (Device Manager / System devices) – should be listed there!
2. If it is not there then we will probably solve it!
3. Locate “machine.inf” on your OS, copy it somewhere and modify it (find “ExcludeFromSelect=*” and remove the line or simply exclude it from processing by adding a “;” at the beginning)
4. Check the “machine.inf” file for location where SWENUM should be located (mine was reading: SWENUM.CoInstallers.CopyFiles = 11 ; %windir%\System32)
5. Find “swenum.sys” file on your XP installation CD (mine was in DRIVER.CAB) and copy it to the proper location (I am not sure if it is necessary but worked for me)
6. Go to Control Panel /Ad HW and follow the wizard towards manual selection of device to be added
7. Select Add System device
8. Select Have disk
9. Navigate to changed machine.inf
10. from the list select standard deviecs (in the left list) and “Plug and Play Software Enumerator” in the right list
11. Finish the installation
If it stil does not work reinstall the audio adapters’ drivers. It should work now. If it does not, I can’t help.
I am writing these instruction so much in details as I only found very basic instruction on the web and only after trying around different ways got the result! Hoe it works for you to!

haha. and you know what, i didn’t figure out that it was the Driver Manager for Audio that made my laptop mute. I just have to repair or update the driver. And Voila!. My laptop go normal again..ehehehe..So you see, it’s fun to reapair it on your own and plus it’s knowledge that you gain. So no harm done.=) I really adore people who do IT. Seriously it requires a lot of thinking and creativity

Saya wanita badang yg lone ranger

haha..panjang pulak tajuk atas ni..kenapa saya kata saya wanita badang..sebb hari ni saya buat mcm2 kerja yg berprofesi berlainan..saya baiki kmputer saya yg sengal tahap ayam. dah terlalu malas nak ke Kedai Cahaya Komputer yang sering membaiki kmputer saya ni. Rasa2 mereka pon dah cam komputer saya dan saya sendirik..mmuahaha..Shaye kan pemalu..=p. Maka bertungkus lumus lah saya mencarik2 apakah faktor yg menyebabkan komputer saya ni tak boleh di ‘reformat’..siap membeli cd windows xp sendiri dan meminjam yg iftitah punyer sbb nak buat perbandingan..mmg sah komputer ini bermasalah..Ni sumer virus punyer psal la..Sape lah yg terlalu ‘bijak’ membuat virus ni..Tak tau ke yg ianya membawa masalah yg besar terutama org2 mcm saya yg GapTek(buta IT)..grr..kalo tak menahan sabar ni, nak je doa diorg ni kena lanyak ngan lori Tesco..geramm giler weyy..hadoi..ok dah..membebel la plak..

Kemudian saya membaiki pulak motor saya. Sebenarnya baiki cermin je. Tapi saya dah give up dan nak hntr je lah pada org yg selayaknya membaiki motor. Asyik dok putar2 cermin tu, tetap tidak kembali ke posisi asal..Mcm haramm..saya siap buat kiraan lagi, brapekah putaran yg diperlukan untuk membuat ia kembali kepada posisi tetap tidak berjya.nampaknya, lepas ni saya kena tukar nama motor saya dari Haku ke Putaran..(haha..mcm Pusaran tu..ingt x>>form 5 nyer sastera..kalo korg tak ingt abaikan..=p)..

dan kemudian, status YM saya pon bertukar menjadi “Mcm haram”. seriyes geram, sbb semua benda yang saya nak betulkan tak menjadi sebenarnya ada banyak perkara juga yang saya pelajari dari membaiki menatang2 di atas ni. kemudian Toy bertanya “kenapa?” dan saya menjawab, sbb saya tgh membaiki menatang2 di atas ni lah..sebab tu Toyy kata saya wanita bdang. Dan tentang lone ranger tu, sbb tadi Anep my big brother ckp, saya suka buat kerja sorg2..Mmg pon. kadang2 saya suka buat sorg2 dari dengan banyak org atau dlm bahasa lainnya “I like to be alone rather than being with company”..sometimes..kadangkala je la..tak lah selalu..sbb kadang2 saya suka berfikir dengan tenang..tak mau orang lain kacau..maka jadik la saya yg lone ranger..