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Minggu yg santai


Wah, lama buanget ya g update. Lagi ga’ ada cerita yg keren2 ni. Cuma jalan2 doang ama anak2 koas. Asyiiiikk buanget. Ok, Bahasa MElayu pleasseee..hehehe. Dah seminggu masuk Departmen Bedah. Sangat lega ok setelah Forensik. Sangat stress saya di Forensik. Tapi minggu pertama di bedah, belum masuk bangsal (ward) lagi. Baru kuliah je. Jadi memang sangat santai(relax) la.

Apa je aktiviti yang kitorg dah buat sepanjang seminggu bedah..wahaha..lagha la pasti.

1)nonton Public Enemy. Not my type of story. I like a happy ending story.

2)Memancing bersama Yogi. It was super fun. I caught 5 small, tiny fishes, which i don’t eat all of them. Let them go back into the pond finally.And then that night, we ate at Waroeng Steak, haha..this was due to we can;t cook the fishes we caught hence, eat at Waroeng.hehehe. Since Anggi, Prita and Uma were craving of Kek Batik, I spared some time to make Kek Batik under Keri supervising. And you know what, it end up all of them including Yogi like the Kek Batikk..weeee,  feel very happy.hhehekek batik dan saya

Yogi eating kek Batik..cieeeeecie…yg menyebabkan koas bedah heboh di pagi hari dengan gosip yg ga jelas dan ga penting..wqwqwq


You have to be patient in order to catch the fish. I’ve lost my sense of ‘geli-ness’ with cacing. I did use my bare hand to set up the bait..uhuhuhu

tgkp ikan

Feeling happy eventhough it was only a small fish..=p

3)Yesterday, we Eating2 (Anggi who named this event) at Nanamia. At first we thought 2 medium pizzas would be enuff for 6 of us, but end up we were still hungry, so we headed to Bu Bagyo behind Nanamia, where Lian and me ordered Lotek.(kinda tapioca leaves and so-called kuah kacang). It had been such a long time since I ate Lotek.

That night me and Iman, went for swimming after waiting zillion years of free time to come…yeay, and you know what, I think my staminas have dropped to level zero , seriously, really need to go to gym routinely after this.

4) I myself today had end up watching Prince of Egypt. It really reminds me of our batch English Drama “True Prince of Egypt”. But I think our performance was much more exuberant rather than this movie itself. Not to brag, but we tagged along lots of award with us at the end of performance and thunderous applause too.

So. this week was fun, i hope next week will be the same.=) Pray for me ok..

p/s: I pray I like bedah as well as Anak..(”,q)