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Sekarang saya di stase Radiologi..Owh amatlah x best melihat hitam putih setiap hari, tapi yang penting ilmu Radiologi amat best. Sangat excited nak teka diagnosis ni ape? Kenapa jadi macam ni. Pokoknya makes me feel curious each and every day. Btw I have that curiosity feeling ever since I was in Bedah. Back then I don’t even know what the fish the photos going to tell me. Seriously. But hey, I’m glad I can read and interpret some of the photos right now. And I’m so glad I have Dr. S as pembimbing. He is so cool and teach us on how to understand and learn x ray photos better. Well I think it still need experience to read those photos. Otherwise it’ll end up u interpret it wrongly. Hence wrong diagnosis. Big NO here.

Well, I cannot say Radiology is completely stodgy, it does has it own sparks of interest if u really really indulge yourself in this field. =). Ok gotta get myself study rite now..Toodles..