This blog is purposely build up to express my emotion. A positive way to convey what i feel.

About Me.=)

  • Norhidayah Mahmood
  • Currently in 4th year at Gadjah Mada University Indonesia,and striving hard to be a good muslimah Doctor.IAllah.
  • Eldest out of 7.And all of my siblings are cute..haha..too much information ey?.
  • Love Strawberry and all things about strawberry.
  • and so much more about me that i dunno what to describe any further..
  • and one more thing..Really trying hard to be much fluent in English.uhuuh..Kuden’s influence it is..
  • Love to listen to tazkirah, nasyid,and tarannum..mcm baek sgt je..

12 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by ainul on June 26, 2008 at 12:34 am

    i guess we ave 2 things in common
    1- an ex-tkcian (i guess?)
    2- taking medic in indo
    punten tapi boleh ke nak kenal?
    i mean mana tau nak ke jogja, ada junior tkc senang sket, haha, cheers~ ;D


  2. a’ah..i was an ex-tkcian. batch 9802. K.ainul batch mana ye?..hehe


  3. owh, belaja di gadjah mada rupanya.



  4. yup litium, di gadjah mada..bukan ke litium knal sama hamid?


  5. hamid? hamid who?


  6. oh abaikan aje en.lit.=)


  7. or is it hamid yang kakak dia was my classmate and his mom was my teacher back in primary school???


  8. Posted by doyot on October 23, 2008 at 1:00 pm

    yup..bingo. tah camner haritu nmpk frenster hamid frenslist, nmpk ur name..hehehe..


  9. oh.. jadi dokter rupanya dia. kasi itu salam kirim sama dia. hehe


  10. Just droppin by..


  11. Posted by halfnie on February 14, 2009 at 3:43 am

    Salam Doyot. Wah cute nama tue. Actually I’m a doctor too. In Penang I’m working now. I bet you’re goin to be a good doctor. Your blog says so. If you have time to do a blog this great for sure you’ll have the time to do everything it takes to become a good muslimah doctor.

    Listen. Learn english hard. Come back to your own country and practice hard and smart!

    Good Luck.

    p/s: Lurve your blog!!


  12. Salam halfnie..Gee thanx halfnie..iAllah ,will learn English hard and practie hard and smart too..i’ll take ur words as personal booster of mine.=)


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